Advanced IP Solutions for NAND Flash Memory
Proton Digital Systems Announces FlashPro(TM) Media Manager – Enabling Next Generation MLC and TLC Flash in Consumer, Client and Enterprise Applications

San Jose, California – August 12, 2013 – Proton Digital Systems, Inc. (Proton), a leading provider of Flash Reliability Solutions, today announced their FlashPro(TM) Media Manager Flash Reliability platform.

Proton’s FlashPro Media Manager is a Flash Reliability Solution that delivers industry-leading Flash endurance and retention through advanced LDPC error correction codes coupled with Statistical Digital Signal Processing (S-DSP) at the lowest power and smallest footprint. FlashPro incorporates these advanced technologies into a highly scalable Flash media-side platform that can be tailored to customers’ specific requirements. FlashPro Media Managers can be optimized for all Flash storage applications: from smartphones and tablets that require ultra-low power consumption to enterprise-class SSDs that demand the absolute highest performance.

“We are very pleased to announce our FlashPro Media Manager platform which is designed to deliver unsurpassed reliability for next generation MLC and TLC Flash used in consumer, client and enterprise applications,” said Dr. Andrei Vityaev, CEO, Proton Digital Systems. “FlashPro features Proton’s LDPC and S-DSP technology which are optimized through advanced mathematics to achieve the smallest footprint and consume half the power of comparable solutions.”

FlashPro Media Managers feature proprietary error recovery technology enabling reliable deployment of next generation 1y-nm/1z-nm MLC, TLC and 3D Flash memory from all major NAND Flash manufacturers. FlashPro technology works at the Flash device physics level by combining highly robust adaptive S-DSP with powerful LDPC error correction codes to achieve t > 500 error correction capability per 1KB and deliver industry-leading error recovery performance.

FlashPro is a highly scalable platform with up to 8 Flash channels each supporting 533MBps and up to 32 Chip Enables per channel. Each Media Manager can support data transfer rates from 50MBps up to 4.27GBps and multiple instantiations can be integrated to achieve the desired capacity and performance. Other key scalable parameters include: buffer size and structure, percentage of LDPC overhead, and degree of parallelism. FlashPro is fully programmable with an integrated microcontroller.

FlashPro also features a micro-programmable Sequencer that supports Toggle and ONFi interfaces and addresses all Flash commands, including customer-specific commands. The sequencer makes use of hardware accelerators throughout enabling optimal LDPC operation and ultra-fast sequential command execution.

With each customer engagement Proton Digital delivers a FlashPro Media Manager tailored and optimized to the customer’s specific requirements. Deliverables include:

  • RTL (ASIC, Structured ASIC or FPGA)
  • Synthesis Scripts
  • Test Bench & Regression Test Suite
  • Reference Test Platform (FPGA-based)
  • Flash Analysis Software
  • MATLAB Scripts
  • Firmware Routines
  • Documentation
  • Performance Measurements
  • Technical Support

Several market leaders have already selected FlashPro Media Managers with implementations into ASIC, Structured ASIC and FPGA-based Flash controllers. The FlashPro FPGA Reference Platform will be demonstrated at the Flash Memory Summit 2013 in Santa Clara, California, August 13 to 15, 2013. Visit Proton Digital at booth #420.

About Proton Digital

Proton Digital Systems provides Reliability Solutions for the NAND Flash Market. The company combines advanced technologies in the fields of mathematics, signal processing, digital design and software to deliver its cutting edge suite of System IP Products, which increase endurance and longevity of NAND Flash Memory.


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